This blog started out intending to be about technology, but turned into something else. A way for me to document my story of living over a decade in Kashmir and how that has shaped my life even though I no longer live there.

Regarding noon chai… “noon” is the Kashmiri word for salt. Noon chai is a salty tea with a little pinch of baking soda added in to make a pink color. Sometimes cream is added, and you usually drink it with savory biscuits or bread to dip or soak in it. It’s a unique drink in Kashmir, India, which is a place close to my heart.

Visitors to Kashmir either greatly enjoy it or hope they don’t have to drink more than one cup. I even know some Kashmiris who don’t drink it. I liked it, especially at weddings when it’s served from a samovar. Sitting with friends, neighbors, employees and drinking chai is one of the things I miss most about Kashmir. Hopefully this blog will be a way for me to enjoy those memories and express appreciation for the unique people and place of Kashmir.

cup of noonchai